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(August 12, 2010) Have you seen HDMI cables online or in stores labeled 120 Hz,240Hz and 480 Hz?
... [using] this new misleading labeling to push naive customers into buying unnecessary, overpriced cables that can cost 800%-5750% more than necessary (link). Adding such, the latest being 3D, helps sales clerks persuade customers to overspend. The extra dollars spent will have no effect on image quality but it will lighten your wallet.

see this article for details

HDMI Cable Makers and Dealers Use Misleading Labels to Push Needless Expensive Upgrades.

It's easy enough to slap such labels on HDMI cables but it's a sham. HDMI cables can no more be manufactured for specific refresh rate HDTVs than garden hose can be manufactured specifically to water seeded lawns and sod lawns. The same water flows through either one. The same HDTV signal flows through all HDMI cables, whether labeled 120Hz or 480Hz.

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Hmm... but would you need a higher frequency for 3-D TV?
Obviously the human eye wont identify anything over 60hz or so on a 2 dimensional picture, but if I remember correctly 3-D does require a much higher frequency.

Edit: Just read that you need a minimum of 120Hz refresh rate to provide flicker free 3-D picture.

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there are ONLY two frequencies: 60hz & the newest 120hz and these are
the horizontal refresh rate.

The 480--1080 are the resolution on the display which does NOT impact the
choice of cables :wave:

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